More Cars including more RRs

Another post from Ertyu Carspot, today we have some more very nice cars to discover. So let’s get into this!

A very black Subaru BRZ in the night.

Ferrari 458 in this bumblebee yellow.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed. Super Looooong.

Maserati Ghibli.

A long line of Exotics, including the following:

Convertible Audi R8 V10.

Tesla Model X Ludicrous plus.

THREE G63. Two black, one white.


One of the black G63s.

Another of the black G63s.( The white one drove away so I couldn’t get a good picture of it.)

Same Bentley.

Along series of photos of a McLaren 675LT

Old Porsche 911 Carrera.

Please enjoy the spec of a yellow Lamborghini Hurrican.

BMW M// 3

Another McLaren of some kind.

The ultimate evil genius car: The Lamborghini Aventador S.

Rolls Royce Phantom.

The second most powerful SUV in history: The Bentley Bentayga.

This is a video of the yellow McLaren back up there.

 We have a very nice pearl white Audi R8 V10. The way you can tell how many cylinders this car has is by is by looking on the panel right under the rear view mirror.

Porsche 718 Boxster.

MB C63 S coupe AMG version.

Jaguar F-type S.

This is a little unclear, but that’s a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Another red 718 Boxster( This is a really nice picture!)


Daylight car spotting no.2

A whole set of maseratis and a blacked out Mazda.

Cool looking Jaguar.

Some type of vw sportcar ( hardtop convertible)

I literally don’t know why I keep taking pictures of ugly jaguars.

Saab 9-3


Toyota 86


Cadillac ATS


Two door mercedes sportscar.

OMG Mclaren 12c on the smallest street of Shanghai!

Another one.

This is driving me crazy!

Maybach. It’s pretty big compared to the cars next to it.


Rolls-Royce Phantom

Cayenne GTS.

Post with 2 Ferraris

Hello, Ertyu is back and running! I haven’t done a post in a long time, so I hope this time will be more interesting. This blog will be very, very long.

Hello, Ferrari.

Casual Jaguar. They’re very ugly.

Very beautiful little BMW z3

MB GLA something

Cute Peugeot sportcar.

Porche Panamera Turbo.

Porche 911 Carrera S

Maserati GranTursimo in a nice blue.

MB G600 4×4 and a cool motorcycle.

Another ugly Jaguar.

The same Porche 911 Carrera S!


Old Jaguar S-type, honestly looks better than the new one. It looks like a Bentley!

Small Lexus Hatchback,( I don’t know why I took a picture of it.)

Back of the Audi A7 3.0T

Giant Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

MB SLK 200

Porche Panamera.


MB GLE 450.

Audi A5 convertible.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

Aston Martin Vantage.

Subaru BRZ in white

Porche 911 Turbo s under the sunlight.

Ferrari No. 2

Ford Mustang in bright yellow.

Maserati Gran Turismo all modified up.

Scion, crazily modified. The wing in the back is carbon fibre.

BMW M// 3.

Bright Green BMW M//5, you can see the BMW performance on the side.

End of this blog, The End

Accidental snapshot of a Maybach……

As you can tell from the title, one of the pictures this time has a Maybach in the background. It was an accident, except a good one. But I’m still going to show you a variety of pictures in today’s blog.

( This is actually really rare. It’s a Saab 9-3, but Saab was closed due to some reason I’m not that sure, in 2014. Not that old, but it’s four years old now.)

( Super cool 2018 Camaro ZL1)

( Mercedes-Benz SLK not that impressive)


( See that black Mercedes next to it? Yeah. Maybach. The way I know? There is a little patch of silver, which should look something like this. Down. It might seem a little weird, but I’m sure.)

( Some kind of a Porche 911)

( This might be interesting, but this is exactly the model of the Jeep that The Stradman has. I might send it to him 🙂


End of this blog. THE END.

Daytime Supercar Spotting

This is my second “supercar spotting” blog . These are all highly valuable cars that I just stumbled across, which comes to show how many supercars appear at regular streets.

( Bright green Porche Cayenne)

( Two different Jaguars)

( Maserati Levante)

( Porche Macan)

Mystery car! Please help me!

( Maserati/Jaguar in the background )

( Maserati/Jaguar) I’m not sure!!

( Porche Boxster 718)

( Maserati Ghili. We saw it park!)

( Audi TT 45 TFSI)

( Maserati GranCabrio)


( Alfa Romeo Giulia in it’s favorite and best color : Red)

( BMW Z4 630)

( Cadillac ATS-V sedan)

( Porche Cayenne GT3 )

( Porche 911 Turbo S)

( Porche Panamera Turbo )

That’s it for today, if you’d like to know more about any of the cars above, leave a comment.

Nighttime Supercar Spotting

I was just out on a stroll while buying some Gatorade……And I saw this:

 ( Head of a convertible Bentley Continental)

( Tail of the same Bentley)

So I decided to do a little supercar spotting. And I ended up with more loot than I ever had in one try. I’ll show you the cars I saw last night right below.


( Acura RDX SUV)

( Convertible Porche Boxster 718)



( Two Convertible BMW 630s 1 Black, 2 Purple)

Toyota Crown luxurious sedan)

( Porche Panamera sedan)

That was all the cars I saw last night, hope you enjoyed this blog.

My First Video

My first video made was exceptionally difficult, kind of like when you have to step over a barrier, and after that it is all easy. At least for now.

#1 try, I decided to go to the Crown Plaza to check out the cars there. I got a  Maybach!  I was really lucky, and I really hoped that my first video would be a great start. After I got back from the hotel that might change my lifetime, things were going better still. I saw two Maserati Levantes, and I was blown. And it still wasn’t over! Just as I was finishing the video, I spotted my friend’s BMW i3. Brief overview of the car, and the video was done. I had done it. I ran home to check out how I did. If it was good, I would upload the video, then just keep “running the business”. If it didn’t work out, well……. Let’s just say I hope it does.

I checked how I did. This might be really embarrassing, but it was AWFUL. I got really mad at myself for being stupid when I had such a great opportunity, so I deleted the whole video. Yeah, weird.

#2 try, the only way to do it was to follow my own footsteps again, and see if I could do it again. I went to the Crown Plaza AGAIN, this time not so lucky. I spotted a Maserati GranCabrio, which might sound really nice, but the Maybach was gone. I went back to the underground garage, this time even less lucky. There was only one Levante, and the i3 was nowhere to be seen. But I do have to admit, it was way better then the first.

The final first video is here.