Accidental snapshot of a Maybach……

As you can tell from the title, one of the pictures this time has a Maybach in the background. It was an accident, except a good one. But I’m still going to show you a variety of pictures in today’s blog.

( This is actually really rare. It’s a Saab 9-3, but Saab was closed due to some reason I’m not that sure, in 2014. Not that old, but it’s four years old now.)

( Super cool 2018 Camaro ZL1)

( Mercedes-Benz SLK not that impressive)


( See that black Mercedes next to it? Yeah. Maybach. The way I know? There is a little patch of silver, which should look something like this. Down. It might seem a little weird, but I’m sure.)

( Some kind of a Porche 911)

( This might be interesting, but this is exactly the model of the Jeep that The Stradman has. I might send it to him ūüôā


End of this blog. THE END.

Daytime Supercar Spotting

This is my second “supercar spotting” blog . These are all highly valuable cars that I just stumbled across, which comes to show how many supercars appear at regular streets.

( Bright green Porche Cayenne)

( Two different Jaguars)

( Maserati Levante)

( Porche Macan)

Mystery car! Please help me!

( Maserati/Jaguar in the background )

( Maserati/Jaguar) I’m not sure!!

( Porche Boxster 718)

( Maserati Ghili. We saw it park!)

( Audi TT 45 TFSI)

( Maserati GranCabrio)


( Alfa Romeo Giulia in it’s favorite and best color : Red)

( BMW Z4 630)

( Cadillac ATS-V sedan)

( Porche Cayenne GT3 )

( Porche 911 Turbo S)

( Porche Panamera Turbo )

That’s it for today, if you’d like to know more about any of the cars above, leave a comment.

Nighttime Supercar Spotting

I was just out on a stroll while buying some Gatorade……And I saw this:

 ( Head of a convertible Bentley Continental)

( Tail of the same Bentley)

So I decided to do a little supercar spotting. And I ended up with more loot than I ever had in one try. I’ll show you the cars I saw last night right below.


( Acura RDX SUV)

( Convertible Porche Boxster 718)



( Two Convertible BMW 630s 1 Black, 2 Purple)

( Toyota Crown luxurious sedan)

( Porche Panamera sedan)

That was all the cars I saw last night, hope you enjoyed this blog.

My First Video

My first video made was exceptionally difficult, kind of like when you have to step over a barrier, and after that it is all easy. At least for now.

#1 try, I decided to go to the Crown Plaza to check out the cars there. I got a¬† Maybach!¬† I was really lucky, and I really hoped that my first video would be a great start. After I got back from the hotel that might change my lifetime, things were going better still. I saw two Maserati Levantes, and I was blown. And it still wasn’t over! Just as I was finishing the video, I spotted my friend’s BMW i3. Brief overview of the car, and the video was done. I had done it. I ran home to check out how I did. If it was good, I would upload the video, then just keep “running the business”. If it didn’t work out, well……. Let’s just say I hope it does.

I checked how I did. This might be really embarrassing, but it was AWFUL. I got really mad at myself for being stupid when I had such a great opportunity, so I deleted the whole video. Yeah, weird.

#2 try, the only way to do it was to follow my own footsteps again, and see if I could do it again. I went to the Crown Plaza AGAIN, this time not so lucky. I spotted a Maserati GranCabrio, which might sound really nice, but the Maybach was gone. I went back to the underground garage, this time even less lucky. There was only one Levante, and the i3 was nowhere to be seen. But I do have to admit, it was way better then the first.

The final first video is here.